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Escape Dollar Rewards

Unlike our online and offline competitors, the Club is able to provide members with savings in addition to those great low rates due to our Affiliate Travel Model, which saves us many of the cost most companies incur.


How Do You Earn Escape Dollars?

Escape Dollar Rewards are earned on all Travel Bookings including; Airfare, Car Rental, Hotels, Cruises, and Package Vacations.

Some bookings may include even higher earnings which will be shown when viewing travel options. Earnings are typically posted onto your account within five (5) days of final payment. When placing a Reservation for accommodations or a car rental that requires payment upon arrival, you Escape Dollar Rewards will be posted upon return of your final booking charges. Your travel itinerary will include complete details on your earnings and any requirements.

The minimum earnings are outlined on the chart below.

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When it’s time to use your dollars, there’s no Points Program to track or convert to, simply use you Escape Dollars ‘just like cash’ towards the purchase of Package Vacations, Cruise Vacations, and Condominium Vacation Weeks. Your online account will keep you informed of your balance, including any “Pending” dollars. Some travel bookings may require agent assistance in order to use your Escape Dollar, which we are happy to provide.

Unlike other Online Travel agencies there are no minimum stay requirements or hoops to jump through, with us you book travel and you earn escape dollars!! Every time!!!

Minimum Escape Dollar Earnings

Travel Type Earning Percent
Airfare 2%
Car Rental 5%
Hotel 5%
Cruise 5%
Package Vacations 5%
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